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Jesús Gollonet is a creative coder with an interest in the poetic combination of everyday objects with computers. He develops interactive entertainment for devices, spaces and the web for a living, and crafts electronic music, cutout poetry and nonsense software the rest of the time. He has studied Psychology, Multimedia and a postgraduate course in Sonology. His preferred tools are openframeworks, supercollider, simple electronics, scissors and glue.

Some interesting projects I’ve worked on (needs updating):

  • Animo, an installation for building stop-motion animations combining drawings and people pictures in real-time, which will be shown at the public gallery in Birmingham
  • Animo “box”, an application + hardware module that makes extremely intuitive and quick the process of making stop-motion animation. Built for a couple of animation workshops for children 8-10 years old and people with learning difficulties as part of the Animo project
  • Mesosfera, a multitouch table for schools
  • Piuapp, an application that exports pdfs with a custom modular font where the user can input the text and use his own module design.
  • Some advertising pieces including these 2 interactive video pieces for spontex, a small showroom for barcelóviajes and this racket breaking game for seat

Some online traces: The bookmarks I find worthwile , a log of the net things I consume, what I read daily, the (mostly project-related) pics and videos I publish, and the music I devote my ears to.
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