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Erikm & Ferran Fages @ Cccb [L'ull Cec]

This was going to be a blog post about how sometimes I discover a new music scene that I have no clue about and get into hunter mode, looking for more about the context, label, whatever in a glutton, semi-intoxicated state, and how this week this has happened with emeralds, and the not-new-york-not-california usa experimental music scene, which release mostly on tape and cdr, and how a couple of months ago it was experimental turntablism, via dj sniff, steim, erikm, paul bell, james kelly and the itchy muzik forum which extended my rather traditional philip jeck/christian marclay culture in that area.

But it ended being a linkless, 5 minute post because it was getting long, and was going to get lost as always, and the only thing that I really wanted was an excuse to plug a concert by erikm & ferran fages next week (wednesday 4th, 21:00) at cccb (bcn). organised by l’ull cec, a collective that is arranging lots of concerts that I usually haven’t attended because I didn’t know the artists, but end up invariably regreting 2 or 3 months later when I discover them.

Not this time.