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Music and Memory: A Small (Frustrated) Project


A couple of months ago, having a look at some old stats in my profile, I realised how much I could remember a given time by just seeing the music I used to listen to (that old (unfinished?) project by marcos weskamp and didier hilhorst came to mind inmediately).

The source: keeps weekly data about what we listen to. We also can (could) construct a radio link based on various artists. For example:


The application

A web page that, given some artists that I used to listen to in a given time (e.g: december 2005), constructs the url of a radio with those bands, so I can somehow “transport” myself to that time by listening to similar music…

And I’ve done it, but…

Last friday, the multiple artists station feature stopped working. In fact, I had some suspicion, but I thought that… nothing. I didn’t think of it and kept working.

So it is basically useless in its actual form, but it was finished (as a proof of concept, at least), so here it is: time machine (if it had worked i’d have looked for a better name).

I’m not sure if the idea can take another direction to become useful. I’ve thought of having a look at xspf to see if I can generate playlists instead of radios, but by now I don’t really know. If you have any ideas…

At the very least, it’s been useful to clean the dust over my php, use the webservices, a little bit of ajax (thanks mr.sofa naranja) and above all, to finish something.

By the way, avidos let me stay in their hosting to do some tests while mine hadn’t php5, and ignasi tudela tried to help me with the design, but apart from using Georgia and taking his colors for the different seasons, I didn’t pay him much (deserved) attention, and you can see the results. Thanks to both.