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Song Tags in (and Two Slight Disappointments With)

I’m always amazed at the use of tags in, specially for songs.

Some random examples I’ve seen lately:

What I love is the interpretations they suggest. And most of the times you can understand what the tag means listening to the song.

And then two things I don’t like about the last (otherwise great) player update (

  1. As far as I know, I can no longer see this information (tags for the currently playing song) directly in the player. That was, as you’ve seen, a good source of joy
  2. You can no longer construct a multiple artist radio either in the web or the radio player. I cannot see a reason for this, as you can still do it with a url (Note: this link will try to open your player, if you have one, and will tune in a radio based on all the artists mentioned in this post). Hope they are not deprecating this feature, as I have something soon to release based on that