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Sharing Is for Oneself: Bookmarks

Some days ago, I added a list with my last bookmarks in delicious to the sidebar. As soon as it began to work, I realised something: as in most cases I didn’t change the bookmark’s title and I usually left the extended description empty (trusting heavily in tags as a retreival tool), most of the links said very little about its content.

The thing I love most of delicious is its cognitive economy, and I use delicious for myself. I thought that adding that extra information would be cumbersome, so I thought of removing the thing on the sidebar.

But instead I began editing titles and adding some extended descriptions. Now it takes me something like 10 to 30 seconds more to add a link, but instead of losing, I think I’ve taken advantage of it:

  • better self-filtering when adding (when I’m thinking of a description i can decide if I’ll really need it or will be of interest later).
  • improved retrieving (either me and the delicious search engine have more information when having a look or searching through my bookmarks)
  • overall consciousness of what I’m adding (It had become such an automatic thing that rarely I remembered what I had after a couple of days). This last consequence is the best, as it keeps in my head a nice limbo of things to review

So as it happens with blogs, if you do things for yourself, but publicly, you do them better.