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Maintenance Finished: New Features

I’ve finished (at least for today) tweaking the blog. Some new features:

  • Two languages: From now on, i can provide posts in both spanish and english. Thanks to the polyglot plugin, users in either language will only see the post in its own language (which will be decided by the default language in your web browser). You can also grab rss feeds of both languages (see the footer of the page). If you are already subscribed to the blog, you will be receiving the english version. If you prefer the spanish one, subscribe to the rss en español. This doesn’t mean i will be posting everything in both languages, but i’ll try to do my best.
  • Tags: Now you can see tags at the end of each post and navigate using them. You can also see a fashionable tag cloud in the sidebar. Plugin: Ultimate tag warrior
  • Weekly favourite artists: You can also see a nice list of the musicians that have kept better care of my ears during the last week, as provided by and the scrobbler plugin
  • Permalinks: better url readability

There are still some things to do, like translating categories and adding (removing) some csstyling. But that’s pretty much it for now. Please, let me know any errors, comments…

**Nota: si ves esto a través de un lector de rss y quieres ver la entrada en castellano, ven al site. *