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Talk at Hangar.

So yesterday I gave a talk about my experience with processing at the begining processing workshop which is being held at Hangar by Joan Soler.

First part was about my reasons for learning-using-loving processing and how I’ve managed to use it in a commercial context. Then I went into a tutorial explaining the ascii video sketch. Finally i improvised an explanation of a information visualization project I had done at a previous workshop, which i think turned to be the most interesting thing for the audience.

It was my first experience as a speaker and although i don’t think it went too bad, the ascii tutorial didn’t work as I expected. Going too deep into code details doesn’t seem to be approppriate for a one hour session. Lesson learned.

Anyway, here are the slides (in spanish only) and the source files for the ascii tutorial.

Thanks very much to Joan for inviting me and to all the assistants for not leaving the room.