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JEdit for ChucK

In my never ending search for a one-size-fits-all code editor, I’ve been trying JEdit for the last couple of weeks.

Reasons? With some plugins, it’s said to be a good choice for ruby on rails; toxi published an edit mode and a lot of abbreviations which speed up the work with processing; it’s multi-platform; and the most important thing, it is extremely configurable, while not being as fat as eclipse.

Until the recent release of the miniaudicle for windows there were very few options for syntax highlighting of ChucK files in this platform, so, using a couple of edit modes from languages that I know better, the ChucK reference and some help from chuck-users, I’ve made a ChucK edit mode. This means that now i have syntax coloring for keywords, ugens, methods and operators.

screenshot of jedit with a chuck file

(Note: the awful colors correspond to the moment in which I decided to stop trying new ones. Don’t worry, they’re configurable too)

To install it:

  1. put the file chuck.xml in C:\Documents and Settings\username.jedit\modes.
  2. write this in the catalog file in the same folder:

And that’s pretty much it. You should be seeing some nice color in your chuck files.

If you detect any error or improvable thing or want some additional help, just tell me: jesus {youknow}