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Wanted: Herraizsoto Is Seeking for Talent.

This is specially targeted at the people at processingblogs:

Herraizsoto, the interactive agency I work for, is seeking for an interactive supersamurai, with proven experience in everything from mobile to physical computing, installation art to that which is to be named. He (or she) will take charge of the R&D department.

Here is the job oportunity:


Head of R+D
Someone passionate about new technologies, art and communication, capable of investigating, creating and coordinating installations, mobile applications, new web applications, or even something that nobody knows exists yet.

Several years of proven experience in programming Java (processing-flavored or not), Flash and other languages
Experience in other technologies such as mobiles, installations (computer vision tools, MaxMSP), electronics, etc.
Previous experience in an interactive advertising agency is desirable but not essential.
You will be working alongside a multidisciplinary team.
You will be reporting to the executive creative director of the agency.
Good working knowledge of English is essential. The agency will not be responsible for finding accommodation but may be able to offer assistance.

Timescale: urgent but not desperate!

We are based in a nice office with nice people in the sunny beautiful barcelona… so if you feel like coming or you want to know more, send an email to wanted { at } with your work and they’ll consider your profile.

Also if you want, you can drop me a line to jesus {_at_} and I’ll be glad to help you.