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Project Specific Dotfiles

I’ve been using a project-specific shell file with functions to invoke tasks in my projects. In addition to saving time, this file ends up serving as a map and documentation of sorts, which reduces friction when switching between projects.

Programming, Writing

In programming, when you’re struggling to express a concept clearly and find yourself patching code with hacks, often times it means you’re operating at the wrong level of abstraction. and jumping up or down will make ideas flow naturally.

I just had the same experience while writing, where taking a step back and explaining things from a more general perspective made what I wanted to express self-evident.

Now, similes can get silly pretty quickly if taken too far, but I’m finding some interesting tips in pushing this one a bit. Thinking of paragraphs as functions, local variables in a text, modular writing, short texts that explain just one thing and explain it well…

Available for Work

I’m Jesus Gollonet, a software developer with 10 years of experience. I’m based in Amsterdam but I can travel and work remotely. Since April 2014 I’m available for contract work as a freelancer.

My main focus is currently full stack web development, closer to the front end and with an eye on application architecture, operations, backend integration and process management.

Before going freelance, I was as senior developer/tech lead at Resn Amsterdam. I was in charge of defining and developing project architecture, backend coordination and implementation, deployment, front end operations, server setup, team management and of course, frontend development. Before that I worked at Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam, mostly as part of The Dam Armada, where we developed prototypes and interactive products. I worked on mobile (iOS and Android) and desktop apps. With the W+K design team I created an app to generate the global coca cola music visual identity system.

Some of my favorite projects to have worked on are adidas originals tumblr, rei 1440 project, coca cola music vis, i am not an artist, gif paranoia, i am not an artist, webcomic.

I have taught a university level yearlong course on digital design and development at ESDI (Sabadell, Barcelona) and co-taught a workshop on mobile development using openframeworks at IMAL (Brussels).

You can check the rest of my work experience in my resume.

Some of my favorite tools are javascript, git, unix, openframeworks, ruby, supercollider, http, electronics, node.js, paper, zsh, microphones, backbone.js and math. I’m always exploring automation and process optimization. I’m excited about functional programming, agility (TDD, BDD) and audio development. I’m an ok writer. I’d quit all of that to make music fulltime.

I’m interested in developing and growing software projects, helping teams do the same, and teaching.

Get in touch:

Wordpress to Octopress, Subdomain and Redirect

I’ve started using octopress for this blog.

After using middleman for a couple of projects, I prefer to use static site generators whenever possible: They are faster, lend themselves nicely to version control (this one is on github), are managed with plain text, and, in this case, use ruby.

I’ve also moved to a subdomain from a regular directory

To avoid broken link blues, I’ve set up redirects so the old wordpress permalink urls map to the new subdomain.

Here’s the .htaccess in my web root.

RewriteEngine on
RewriteBase /

RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !^blog\.jesusgollonet\.com$ [NC]
RewriteRule ^blog/(.*)$$1 [L,NC,R=301]

It sends to the subdomain all requests coming to blog/, appending any additional ‘folders’. So leads to

Comments are always welcome @jesusgollonet

Dithered Screengrabbing

Over the weekend, while researching ways to combine cocoa and openframeworks I stumbled upon this sweet simple code to grab the pixels below an openframeworks app. Thinking of what to do, I dusted off my old ofxHalftoner* to dither the content of the screen and to my surprise everything worked reasonably fast in real time.

Here are some results:
Screen shot 2011-10-01 at 1.07.09 AM

Screen shot 2011-10-01 at 1.02.48 AM

I also recorded some video. The quality of the dithering is poor due to the video compression, but you get the idea.

Here’s the app over body magic by the amazing 53os

And then over a docu about the opening of an op art exhibition from the 60s published on ubuweb, which seemed totally appropriate.

While writing this I’ve seen that creative apps has written about it, which is very flattering for a quick hack. Thanks!


(shameless plug)

Steve Roden, Sunrise

I keep going back to this beautiful story in my head.

After having had a show cancelled, steve roden drove back home and performed there alone, when the sun was rising. He recorded himself and made the piece available along with the story and a couple of blurry cell phone pictures of the moments in which he started and finished. The piece is a calm and intimate improvisation, with imperfections that denote the just-because-ness of the event:

when sun rises in spite of hooligans

The three elements (writing, music, pictures) make the story so lively that I’ve almost came to regard it as my own memory.


Some months ago I listened to this beautiful remix by 3spds. It’s based on a record of a religious group whose 900 followers committed a mass suicide.

He tells the story in a light but touching way.

At the time of this recording, they believed they had found the key to happiness and equality.

Next time I tried to login somewhere I still had them in mind.